Business Introduction:Industrial robot control system business

In addition to the development of industrial open networks and development of image processing modules, we also developed motor drive boards that are strongly related to those technologies, started from stepping motor amplifiers and started developing DC servomotor amplifiers Did. As a result of gathering these development technological elements of our company, we started this project with the aim of "to provide an integrated system for business robot control". When actually faced with the demand of robot control, not only the control precision is high like FA equipment, but there are many systems with slightly lower required performance. However, I think that there are not many companies that can respond flexibly to the demand in the form of system provision.
If you use the industrial open network control board as the main controller, it can be combined with our image processing module and motion control module. As a user interface that can be connected with the main controller, a touch panel made by another company can be used under the cooperation of the touch panel manufacturer. By connecting an inexpensive web camera to the main controller, simple image processing such as obstacle detection can be integrated. If it is possible to output the image processing result to the touch panel, it is also possible to perform motion teaching operation from the touch panel.
In the business robot control business, we will propose from design specifications so that valuable systems can be realized cheaply according to customers' demands.

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We support all necessary element technologies for robot system

Main controller, image processing, motor control, digital I / O, communication control,
All of these can be inexpensively supported by our development board!

Boards below can be provided

  • ・Main controller board (with EtherCAT master function)
  • ・FPGA image processing board
  • ・Motor drive board (planned for stepping motor, DC motor)
  • ・Touch panel connection
  • ・Various I / O boards

Since there are various systems, please do not hesitate to consult us.


History of Robot System Development

  • ・As our main controller for robot control, we use our original developed board (LZ201), Started to establishing teaching function, and danger avoidance function by camera
  • ・In order to interlock with the display device necessary for realizing the teaching function,
    Establish connectable algorithm with cooperation of touch panel manufacturer.
    At the same time, we established a function to display image data on the touch panel
  • ・Motor control is necessary as a means for moving the robot,
    Developed stepping motor driver as the first development step
    Started developing DC servo system using DC brushless motor