Business Introduction:PLC replacement business

Do you use many "PLC and GOT" control systems in a year?
If yes, please introduce our system and reduce the cost with high specification.
We can provide replacing the PLC's CPU unit with our board (LZ202) and replacing the display with a third-party touch panel. Of course, user specific interface such as digital or analog I/O units connected to the CPU unit and specific control software need to be developed. However, we already developed most essential drivers have already been developed, it's possible to install cheaply from our actual results. If you want to display image data, you can display it on a third-party's touch panel.
Also, we can provide some boards equipped with DI, DO, RTC (watch), A/D and D/A, which can connect to CPU board. Of course, we can develop specific interface board which is suitable for customer's request.
Recently, collaboration with camera unit is agressive required in market, but it is actually difficult to introduce image system because of high cost. At the same time of replacement from PLC, it's possible to deal with such new function installation.

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Do you use a control system that uses PLC and indicators on a machine that is produced to some extent in a year?
If you are a company system you can save a lot of money!

Major features

  • ・In collaboration with other manufacturer's touch panel manufacturer, we have developed a display unit to connect with our main controller (LAN interface)
  • ・I / O units and communication interfaces used frequently in PLC can also be expanded via extension connector.
  • ・We can respond to our high-performance processing that we are good at low cost.