Business Introduction:FPGA Image processing business

Industrial image processing is generally a very important technology in control systems, but its use / required performance is very diverse. As a result, image processing modules on the market can cover some required specifications, resulting in an expensive product as a result. We focused on these backgrounds and started this project with the aim of offering inexpensive modules for industrial applications.
The feature of our module is "Custom compliance based on our standard FPGA logic for image processing" and "Can recognize object without distortion even while operating with CMOS global shutter".
Because custom development tailored to customer needs can be specialized for required functions, processing logic can be reduced by far compared with general industrial image processing modules. The compactness of processing logic can be reflected as it is to capacity of FPGA size, that is, cost.
The point that CMOS global shutter is adopted is related to the fact that our image processing is based on FPGA, but also to deal with deployment to high-speed system. For example, in the case where a severe tact time is required in the manufacturing line, or in the case where it is desired to reach the target position as soon as possible based on the image processing result in the motion control, the image is read out like a rolling shutter In that case, if the object was not stopped, we could not capture the image without distortion. With the CMOS global shutter, images without distortion can be captured without stopping the object, and the result of high speed processing by the FPGA can be instantaneously fed back.

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Provide inexpensive FPGA image processing board for industrial use!

"Feed back the image analysis result of the moving target in real time"
We've already solved this challenging problem cheaply.

  • ・High speed input (> 100 fps) image data without distortion while CMOS global shutter is operating on FPGA!
  • ・Since lights and image sensors are controlled directly from the FPGA, there is no control delay!
  • ・"Image input, processing / analysis, image output" are all completed within the FPGA. Achieve low latency & high throughput!
  • ・EtherCAT communication function that operates on FPGA can be installed!


History of Image Processing Development

  • ・Aiming at establishment of image processing technology, on embedded board's microprocessor, we dealed/analyzed the imported image data from an inexpensive web camera.
  • ・Established the basic technology to capture the image of the moving target using CMOS grobal shutter, and perform high-speed image processing by FPGA logic.
  • ・In order to realize a high-speed image processing system for real-time industrial use, we developed a board which performs image processing on FPGA area, using On Semiconductor's PYTHON CMOS image sensor equipped with global shutter.
  • ・Utilizing Xilinx's IP core library xfOpenCV, various image processing algorithms, We developed a image processing system that can works on FPGA with high specification.