CEO's Message

Although we are not a big organization, we have taken full advantage of the capabilities of each individual ,and utilize quick combination from small organization. we have been sincerely facing the company's philosophy, "Valuable contribution to our customers through electronics".
While responding to a wide variety of customer's demands, each employee can focus on what is really necessary for customer's system, and always think and judge about it. Our business field is from manufacturing hardware (circuit boards) to microprocessor software, as a result, we successfuly have built up a strong group. By new staff who agreed with company's venture spirit, our group power has accelerated more. "Strong small group", we believe this is our greatest strength not to be defeated by any company.
World market would continue to fluctuate day by day. Facing to the changing environment, we must keep to think about the value we can offer, and to create new value. Until now, we have advanced from the field of subcontractor business to original products like industrial network (EtherCAT) products, and the field of image / robot solution. In each field, we have continued to look for what performance / value we can achieve only in the world and continue to improve our products. We will not forget this venture spirit, we will continue to strive for the goal of providing products in the global field and hope expanding our activity into the global market.
We appreciate your warm and continuing support.