Response to Conflict Minerals

Some of the minerals produced in the conflict-confined areas such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo may be a source of funding for armed groups conducting inhumane acts to promote conflict or cause human rights violations.
Under such circumstances, in the "Financial Regulatory Reform Act" (Dodd-Frank Act) established in the United States in July 2010, the listed companies in the United States have become increasingly concerned with the "conflict minerals" products produced in the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjacent countries It was obliged to disclose the usage situation etc. (In this Act, "conflict minerals" means tantalum, tin, gold, tungsten, other minerals designated by US Secretary of State.)
In order to fulfill social responsibility in procurement activities, KSJ Co., Ltd. cooperates with suppliers to ensure the transparency of the supply chain and, in light of the purpose of the law, the "conflict minerals". We will promote initiatives aimed at the nonuse of. In addition, there are minerals that are not a source of funding for armed groups even in areas where conflict exists, so we will work to prevent them from hindering their use.