Business Introduction´╝ÜContract development business

It can be offered in industrial fields where high reliability is required by our hard experience development and software development experience cultivated over many years. Even in the case of using very advanced Zynq UltraScale, for example, it is possible to provide development from PCB development to driver development of real-time OS used by customers. From advanced development, we can offer customers cheaply and speedily together with board development and software development using PIC and one-chip CPU.
Particularly in the specification part, we can create PLC ladder software in-house, we can not create it by PLC, check the specifications and grasp beforehand unexpected events that occurred at the time of commercialization Things will be possible. By establishing specifications in a variety of ways and transplanting to dedicated boards, we can reduce development time and cost, and we can do all the processes within our company.
We basically produces all the products developed by our company in-house, and we procure all the parts we need in that case. Since we commence our products from designing to development, conducting reliability tests, and conducting actual manufacturing within our company, we are working to speed up development, improve reliability and reduce manufacturing costs It is peevish.
In addition, we can also design and assemble control panel, we can propose that various functions can be changed to electronic board, control panel can be made more compact, and can be provided cheaply. By comprehensively holding various technologies in-house, we can incorporate various elements required by customers into development, commercialize and provide them.